Goodwill Industries will demonstrate local, regional and global leadership in providing life-enhancing services to people with barriers to employment.

The Vision

We improve the lives of people with disabilities or other disadvantages through employment, training, and job placement opportunities.

The Mission

About Us

Since 1933, Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio has provided employment and job training for thousands of men and women who have had disabilities and/or work-related disadvantages.

Operating Divisions

Goodwill has three distinct operating divisions – Workforce Development, Retail Sales, and Contract Services – serving the community through quality people, services and merchandise.

Workforce Development

At the heart of our mission are work oriented training programs. Dating back to the 1950′s, our programs are accredited and professionally designed to help people overcome personal barriers to employment. Barriers to employment have traditionally meant physical, mental, emotional, social, behavioral, and learning disabilities. But now we include extended time away from the workforce, homelessness, criminal history, illiteracy and welfare dependency.

Retail Operations

The collection, processing and resale of good quality donations of clothing, furniture, computers, and household items provide not only employment for many dedicated men and women but supports the mission through the revenue generated by the retail sales. Donations, if not of a quality to be sold, are recycled.

Contract Services

For many years this division of Goodwill has provided janitorial services to private sector as well as state and federal projects. By contracting with local industries to perform a variety of janitorial services, we provide jobs for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment – one more way Goodwill works to strengthen our community. Contract services now perform auto detailing with steam cleaning technology. They can also clean solar panels.