Goodwill Industries will demonstrate local, regional and global leadership in providing life-enhancing services to people with barriers to employment.

The Vision

We improve the lives of people with disabilities or other disadvantages through employment, training, and job placement opportunities.

The Mission


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Our Job Placement team has the rewarding job of helping people find jobs.

The three main areas are: teaching job seeking skills, resume writing and interview skills, and job development. Each member of the team works with the clients so they all are able to work towards placing them in good jobs. At any given time, there are between 30 and 40 clients seeking employment through our Job Placement team.

Once people are placed, they sometimes received follow along services, like having a job coach to help them refine their work skills, or to learn a new routine at their job. These job coaches are Goodwill’s unsung heroes. They work hard making sure each person they work with has all the support than can get. Our job coaches are on-the-job trainers as well as advocates and liaisons between the client and the employer.

These job coaches are Goodwill’s unsung heroes. They work hard making sure each person they work with has all the support than can get.

Most of our clients have been placed in different jobs around the Toledo area. The types of jobs our clients have gotten are: janitorial, housekeeping, restaurant crew, food service, residential assistant and warehouse/factory work. Each client wants something different from a job. Some want part-time and others want full-time.

Some can drive, while others do not. We listen carefully to the needs and desires of each person to help them find the best job possible. Surprisingly, not all the people who work with our Job Placement staff are looking for a job. Some have recently gotten a job and need a job coach to help them with on-the-training or to help resolve some difficulties with learning a new routine. Others work with our job coaches who may help them assess work abilities or learn how to ride public transportation.

Job Club (Free)

One of the free services we provide is a Job Club, run by a member of our Job Placement team. This service is open to the public. The following topics are presented to assist participants in their job search:

  • Career Development/Assessment
  • Job Seeking Skills Training
  • Labor Market Information and Targeting Employers
  • Effective Interview Skills

The Job Club will meet every Thursday from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. This free service is open to the public.  Call to make an appointment at: 419-255-0070.

The Job Placement team provided 580 services to our consumers in 2014. Of this number, 11 were youth involved in our Summer Youth initiative. Fifty-six individuals were placed in jobs throughout Greater Toledo and Northwest Ohio.

Summer Youth

Each year, we provide a Summer Youth program for teenagers who are seeking some work experience and assistance learning work related skills. The program allows for these teenagers to work up to six weeks in a number of work areas. Work areas have consisted of a pet shelter, a cafeteria, janitorial work, retail work, auto detailing, landscape maintenance, and warehouse. Each student has a job coach during those weeks. The coach helps the student learn new skills, improve work behaviors and stay safe during work.

Services Include

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation

Customized job seeking skill training to assist an individual in obtaining suitable employment. Typically, the process may include any of the following elements:

  • Initiating employer contacts
  • Resume preparation
  • Practice interviews
  • Model application preparation
  • Dealing with tough interview questions
  • Organizational skills for job hunting
  • Dress for success
  • Interview behavior

Job Development and Placement

Assists individuals in obtaining suitable employment based on career job goals. Services may include resume preparation, if not completed during JSST, employer contacts to develop and/or identify job opportunities, and/or monitoring of independent job search activities.

Other Community Employment Related Services

  • Job Coaching
  • Community Based Assessments
  • Placement Follow Up Services
  • Job Shadowing
  • Informational Interviews