Goodwill Industries will demonstrate local, regional and global leadership in providing life-enhancing services to people with barriers to employment.

The Vision

We improve the lives of people with disabilities or other disadvantages through employment, training, and job placement opportunities.

The Mission

Josh makes transition!

Success Stories

Josh makes transition!

Every day, hundreds of people in our community struggle to acquire or keep a job. Each of them has a different story to tell; whether they have been laid off from a long-term job, were stay-at-home moms trying to get back into the workforce, or have some form of a physical or developmental disability – […]

We would love the opportunity to come and talk with your group about how donations help us serve our people and help them achieve independence.

If you would like us come and speak to your group or organization about what we do,


David Takats


More Success Stories...

A Goodwill Success Story by : Richard Losie-Rife

Burger King has star employee

She’s quiet, but her work ethic speaks volumes. Denise Jendrzejak is liked and respected by everyone at Burger King on Monroe, near Westfield Franklin Park mall. Denise has been with Burger King since May 30, 2012. Before coming to Goodwill, and now Burger King, she was unemployed for eight years. Now that she is employed, it is hard to think of her without the job.

A Goodwill Success Story by : Richard Losie-Rife

St. Mark’s Lutheran Sparkles

Zach Kohring’s job at St. Mark’s Lutheran church is to make it sparkle. Goodwill hired Zach in October, as part of the Janitorial Contracts department. Now he cleans at St. Mark’s, and they are both are equally grateful. Before coming to Goodwill, Zach was cleaning at his church, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Zach enjoys working in the church. “It is quiet and the people are nice.”

A Goodwill Success Story by : Richard Losie-Rife

Goodwill saved my life.

Corey Miller, like millions of employed people, appreciates his job. Unlike so many, Corey believes his employer saved his life. Corey came to Goodwill in December 2011 as a client in the Janitorial Training program. After successfully completing the program, he started looking for a job.

A Goodwill Success Story by : Richard Losie-Rife

Employment Boosts Confidence

Marilyn Lockridge, newly employed with Goodwill Industries, is an outspoken, confident and enthusiastic person. She insists this was not always so. A lifelong Goodwill store shopper, Marilyn says, “I thought how wonderful it would be to work for Goodwill.” Her lack of confidence in her abilities kept her unemployed for 20 years.

A Goodwill Success Story by :

Whitmer Student Shines as Volunteer

Precious Taylor, a senior at Whitmer High School, recently completed a volunteer work program with Goodwill Industries. She learned more than cleaning techniques; she also learned to be more confident. Precious was able to work with Goodwill during the final semester of her junior year at Whitmer High School. She enjoyed the experience so much she asked to volunteer over the summer.