Goodwill Industries will demonstrate local, regional and global leadership in providing life-enhancing services to people with barriers to employment.

The Vision

We improve the lives of people with disabilities or other disadvantages through employment, training, and job placement opportunities.

The Mission


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What is Workforce Development?

When people think about Goodwill, they often think of the stores. Goodwill is much more than the stores. Goodwill Industries is really about helping people with disabilities become independent. We provide vocational evaluations and assessments, training and job placement help for all sorts of people.

Many of the people who come to Goodwill for help come from BVR (Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation) who authorize and pay for the services. We help people with mental health issues, developmental disorders, injury related impairments (like traumatic brain injuries) or health related impairments (like multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia). We serve veterans through the VA and Wounded Warriors; injured workers through the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC); people in recovery through BVR, the Aurora House, and Harbor House; the homeless through Family House, Chestnut Hill, and Path to Life/Hope House; teenagers with autism through the Autism MODEL School and the Autism Learning Academy; ex-offenders through the Federal Re-Entry Court and the Lucas County Correctional Treatment Facility; and many others.

Some people will only use one service and then use another agency for Job Placement services. Others will use most of our services, by starting with our Vocational Evaluation program, moving on to training and finally find a job through our Job Placement staff.

Goodwill is much more than the stores. Goodwill Industries is really about helping people with disabilities find work.

Some people will spend months with our staff, becoming a temporary part of our family. For nearly half a year, we work with those individuals. It is always exciting when they find a job, but sad because the new job means we will not be seeing those people every week anymore.

Our Workforce Development team at Goodwill Industries consists of job placement specialists, certified vocational evaluators, vocational instructors, assistive technology experts and job coaches. Our staff has more than 100 years of experience working with people with physical, psychological, emotional, and developmental disabilities, as well as people with other barriers to employment.

The entire Workforce Development Department provided services to 731 people in 2014, including support services to consumers who were receiving the benefits of our programs throughout all our other departments. We provided 176 services to people from five different agencies in the area, at no cost. We want to thank our generous donors and customers who help support our efforts to give the people we serve a “hand up” as they move out of financial dependency into independence.

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