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A total of 163,260 pounds of donations were donated and $7,500 in scholarships were given to the schools in the 2022 season. Three schools joined the program this year and 2 more schools participated that haven’t been involved in a few years. The proceeds from these donations help fund job training and job placement for individuals with barriers to employment

Two schools, Clay Eagles and Swanton Bulldogs, broke their own weight records this year!  Clay filled up two semi-trailers, top to bottom and we had to send an extra truck to Swanton to pick up what was left over that couldn’t fit in the trailer! 

There will be an awards reception at 13abc studios in November to present the school’s with their scholarship checks and certificates.

If you would like your high school to participate in next years program, call 419-255-0070 Ext. 3202.

Pass It On Challenge Results