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The wait is over! New Perrysburg Goodwill is Opening Saturday, June 1st!

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Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio Opens New Store in Perrysburg, Ohio Goodwill Opens 14th Store Location in Northwest Ohio

Toledo, Ohio – May 31, 2024 – Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio will open the doors to its highly anticipated store, in Perrysburg, Ohio on June 1st at 10:00 am! Located at 10027 Fremont Pike (former Bed, Bath, & Beyond), this store boosts over 22,000 square feet!

“Goodwill has had donation stations throughout Perrysburg for nearly 20 years. We have tried for just as long to find a store location. Now, on June 1st our organization’s dream of having a Perrysburg store will become a reality”, said Amy Wachob, President/CEO.

“This store is like none other of our store locations throughout the region. The modernized, visual presentation will leave shoppers dazzled! The store features a concept store within the traditional Goodwill store, The Corner. This media shopping experience will feature upcycled artwork, vinyl records, books, DVD’s, CD’s, and so much more. Shoppers will be able to check out the graphic mural from local artist Chilly Rodriguez,” said Tim Kralovic, VP, Retail Operations. The donor experience offers an easy, convenient, and quick drive-thru.

The mission of Goodwill takes front and center as when you enter the new store, you are met with a Mission Outreach Corner. Shoppers will be able to learn about the various workforce development programs offered by Goodwill. When you shop at and donate to Goodwill you are helping those in our area who need Goodwill’s mission programs of assisting people link to job opportunities.

Throughout 2023, Goodwill served over 9,000 individuals with job readiness and workforce development programs. To learn more about the positive impact Goodwill has made in Northwest Ohio communities as well as location information, visit

Great Job Amy, Defiance Job Connection Center Navigator & Students

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Great job Amy Bach and students!

A big round of applause for the Four County Career Center Guest Services and Skills students who recently hosted their job site partners for the 2023-2024 school year! During the event they also honored the seniors of the program who will be graduating this spring.  Goodwill’s Amy Bach worked with participants on job site placement and employment opportunities. 

#7DaysofSpringCleaning: spring clean and declutter your home in seven days with the tips below:

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7 days of spring cleaning

Day 1: Clear Your Closet Clutter If you haven’t worn those jeans, jerseys, or jeggings lately, chances are you won’t.  Seize the opportunity to clean out your closet and donate to Goodwill today. 

Day 2:  Tackle the Kitchen  Just 20 minutes spent going through your cabinets can make a world of difference for individuals in NW Ohio.

Day 3: Spread Holiday Cheer Are you holding on to boxes of holiday decorations? Spread cheer by donating your Holiday and Halloween decorations to Goodwill. They will light up someone else’s home for sure!

Day 4: Downsize Your Toys  Not sure what to do with your used electronics? Bring them to Goodwill and they’ll find a happy home! Plus, that means waaaay less clutter in your home.

Day 5: Clear Your Office If your office is filled with extra pens or pencils or things that you probably will never use, go through them and give your neighbors a fresh start. They are sure to be put to good use elsewhere and your office will be Martha Stewart neat afterwards. And, we all want that, right?

Day 6:  Provide Quality Entertainment Is your house overflowing with unused movies, video games and music media, even some vinyl?  Pass along the entertainment by donating to Goodwill today. 

Day 7: Downsize Your Bookshelf If you’re guilty of having your old college or university text books in your bookshelf and a whole bunch of other titles collecting dust, go through them and find the ones that you will probably never read again and donate them Goodwill.

There is a great need within our community. Our most needed items are clothes, household items and electronics. Have you always wanted to help but, didn’t know how?

Well, now you can help and all you have to do is look through your home, declutter, downsize and donate to your nearest Goodwill location and you can make a world of difference. Not to mention, you will benefit from the knowledge you are giving someone a fresh start, you’re helping the planet by allowing your items to be re-loved and that your home is much neater too.

Goodwill’s mission is to change lives through the Power of Work. When you donate to, or shop at your local Goodwill you are helping to change lives of individuals and families right here in NW Ohio.

Now scheduling! Donate for Good, a corporate donation drive program

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Donation drives create meaningful engagement opportunities for employees, while fostering social and environmental stewardship. Goodwill collects donations of gently used clothing and household items for resale in our stores. The funds generated from the sale of your donated items helps Goodwill in its mission building dignity and quality of life for individuals and families throughout Northwest Ohio through the Power of Work by eliminating barriers and providing opportunities.

Benefits for your Company include:

  • Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Employee Engagement
  • Positive Public Relations
  • Convenient for Employees to Donate
  • A great opportuning to promote community service

Services that Goodwill will provide:

  • Goodwill branded containers dropped off and picked up at your convenience
  • When your bins are full, they will be swapped out ASAP
  • Marketing material to help promote your donation drive

Goodwill’s Special Events Coordinator will work with you to help organize your event and arrange to pick up the donations. Our goal is to ensure a successful partnership and help your organization achieve success. A donation drive is a wonderful way to create unity and camaraderie throughout your organization and in your community.

Contact us for more information at

DO GOOD – Jupmode’s “Here for Good” Goodwill T-shirt!

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Hey there, Thrifters and Thriftettes! 🌟 Ready to rock some “DO GOOD” style? Goodwill’s got you covered with our exclusive Goodwill shirt from Jupmode. Goodwill is excited to be part of Jupmode’s Here for Good Program! This is the 5th consecutive year for this program that has featured over 1,000 local businesses.

🛍️ From March 11-31, grab your Goodwill shirt or sweatshirt and be part of Jupmode’s “Here for Good” Program. You can’t order these shirts outside of this time frame.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer! Click the link below to order yours today!


Goodwill now offers Resumes-on-Demand!

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Goodwill has recently unveiled a new service aimed at helping job seekers in their search for employment. The service, called Resumes-on-Demand, will be available through Goodwill’s Job Connection Centers. When the Job Connection Center Navigators are out in the community they will be able to assist job seekers in creating their resumes, printing them, and providing digital copies. This service is designed to make the job search process easier and more efficient for job seekers, ultimately helping them to find meaningful employment. Goodwill’s Resumes-on-Demand service is just one of the many ways we are committed to helping individuals eliminate barriers in their quest for a better future.

Mission Moment: Meet Roberta

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Being retired for over 30 years, the last thing Roberta thought she would be doing was to become a participant with Goodwill’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP).  Roberta learned about the program when she attended a presentation at her housing facility.  Roberta entered the program and was placed into a position at the Great Lakes Community Action Program, where she became a passenger care attendant.  She then was promoted to the Resident Services Coordinator.  She has dramatically improved her computer skills, become proficient with general office work, and helps develop programs for residents.  Staff and residents alike are extremely fond of Roberta and she enjoys her job.  Great work Roberta, Goodwill is extremely proud of you!

Mission Moment: Meet Terry

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Terry came to Goodwill from Toledo V.O.A. and successfully entered the Goodwill Industries of NW Ohio, Inc. transitional reentry program. In addition to his reentry barrier, Terry suffered from medical complications as a result of his stroke. Goodwill assisted Terry with wrap-around services, job development and job placement services. Terry has made a full recovery and is now working full time. Terry stated, “I wouldn’t have been able to get here without the help of Goodwill”. Congratulations Terry!

For more information on how Goodwill’s Reentry Team and other programs can help you:

Mission Moment: Defiance Job Connection Center Collaboration

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Goodwill Defiance JCC Navigator Amy Bach collaborated with the Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission (NOCAC) Getting Ahead Program to help women in the Defiance area overcome life barriers and gain independence.  Getting Ahead students participated in classes that consisted of learning how to handle relationships, the adult, parent, and child voice.  Amy assisted the participants with setting goals, career exploration and resume development.  Amy was honored to speak at the graduation ceremony on behalf of all six participants on December 12.  Congratulations to these remarkable women and Goodwill looks forward to seeing the amazing things you will accomplish!

Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission (NOCAC) Getting Ahead Program graduates
Job Connection Center Navigator, Amy Bach

Mission Moment: Meet Christie

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Meet Christie! Christie has been a client at the Job Connection Center (JCC) since 2019. Since then, she has made many strides. When Christie first came to us, she was at Ohio Link and using the JCC computer lab for her online college classes. She is now enrolled in our Northwest Ohio Manufacturing Alliance program (NOMA), working two part-time jobs, and has a place of her own. Congratulations, Christie, on the progress you have made!

For more information on how Goodwill’s Job Connection Center and other programs can help you:

Mission Moment