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Great American Clean Up Clothes Collection

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Join us Friday, October 23rd,2020 in conjunction with Keep Toledo/Lucas County Beautiful, Inc. in the Franklin Park Mall parking lot!  Recycling is not just plastic and aluminum, clothing can be recycled too!  Goodwill will have a trailer in the mall parking lot to collect your clothing donations. Typically we celebrate the Great American Clean Up in May, this year it was postponed until Oct 23rd.  Clean out your closets and bring your items to the Franklin Park Mall parking lot near Old Navy and Dave & Busters entrance.

Mission Moment: Jordan

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Jordan participated in Goodwill’s five week summer youth work experience program in partnership with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities.  He worked at our Reynolds Road Goodwill store and learned the importance of punctuality, following directions, and thoroughness in completing his job duties.   This opportunity also gave him meaningful work experience to include on his resume and transferable job skills to use in the future. His dedication and hard work was noticed by management which lead to him being hired permanently at the same store.  Jordan was excited to become a Goodwill employee, and he enjoys working with his co-workers very much. Congratulations, Jordan, and keep up the hard work!

Goodwill Good Finds goes Live!

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Goodwill of NW Ohio goes LIVE on FB every Thursday at 9:45am from a different store location each week.  During these Goodwill Good Finds segments, Retail Director, Tim Kralovic, and the store manager talk about the different items that can be found in the NW Ohio Goodwill stores.  During the segment, Tim finds the Good Find of the Week and attaches a $25 Gift Certificate to it.  The lucky customer that finds it receives the gift certificate to use!  Join us every Thursday morning to see what we will be featuring.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin @goodwillnow

Amy Wachob speaking at The Rotary Club

Goodwill Collaborates with Local Nonprofits

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Amy Wachob speaking at The Rotary Club

Amy Wachob speaking at The Rotary Club











Amy Wachob, the CEO of Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio Inc., introduced the Working Better Together initiative at Toledo Rotary today.

This is a collaboration of Goodwill, Lott Industries, The Ability Center, and The Epilepsy Center.

The initiative is to work with fellow Rotarian’s and other employers in the areas to find jobs for the ready to work disabled in our community. The goal is to place 15 disabled candidates in employment each year for five years. Goodwill will be the gatekeeper of the candidates and outcomes.

Brittany went through Goodwill's job training services.

Mission Moment: Brittany

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Brittany went through Goodwill's job training services.

Brittany went through Goodwill’s job training services.


Brittany worked with Heather, Program Manager, and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities to reach her main goal which was to obtain community employment. Brittany was very dedicated to her job search.  She would look and apply for jobs on her own when she was not meeting with her job developer.  After completing and returning several application and attending several interviews she attended an interview at JCPenney.  She accepted the position and started in October 2019 performing recovery duties.  During her work shift, Brittany is assigned to a specific department/ area to organize the area during a four or five hour shift.  She folds, organize, and answers customer questions as part of her job duties. If items do not belong in that department rather that may be clearance or women’s she returns it to the proper department. Brittany enjoys her job and wants to continue to learn new tasks. In the last 2 weeks, Brittany has learned how to check store inventory by using a cash register, assisting customers with completing online ordering in store, answer phones, and even assisting cashiers with bagging customer clothes.   She indicates that “Goodwill went above and beyond, stuck with her through the whole process and feels like she has received great support. ”  She also indicates that “Goodwill staff let me be the person I want to be and Goodwill staff was very professional and allowed me to do my job instead of doing it for me.”

Trainer- “Brittany is so pleasant with customers, picked up on tasks quick, sweet lady, eager to learn, and enjoyed working with her.”

Back to School Outfit Staples That Make Dressing-to-Impress That Much Easier

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As Labor Day swiftly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the inevitable. The end of lazy summer days and the start of classes. Before heading back to school, I would always make sure to plan my first few days of outfits. Especially for college students, whose schedules and professors are different each day of the week, it’s important to make a great first impression and look the part of an ambitious eager-to-learn student every day of syllabus week..


For unique style inspiration, I love heading to my favorite Goodwill stores and thrift shopping. It’s amazing to see how the sight of one unique piece of clothing can spark the idea of an entire outfit, which will be the source of compliments and conversation starters as you head back into the world of networking and making new friends. Plus, I love how each purchase you make at Goodwill goes directly to helping others in the community. Not only do you get some really great pieces for prices your wallet loves, but the amount you pay helps out others who need it as well.


The photos below have a few of my favorite back to school looks, that are easy to put together and can be worn all throughout the fall. I love cozy fall looks that incorporate creative layers and mix end of summer attire with fall statement pieces.

Colored Denim
It always amazes me to see how quickly on the first cool night people start breaking out  the denim jackets. It’s almost as if they spend the summer craving denim jacket season and when the first inkling of fall arrives the jackets can all come out of hibernation. Whether you’re a denim jacket aficionado or not, one look I’m loving this fall is colored denim. Bring a chic fall take on this staple piece, like the burnt orange colored jacket in the picture. It’s the perfect way to transition the summer dress into a fall look, while also keeping you warm at the same time. I also love the fall contrast the slouchy velvet shoulder bag brings to the look as well. Plus, it’s large enough to hold a laptop and notebook, which is perfect for toting everything to and from class.

Layered Dresses
The layered dress, overall and jumpsuit look is going to be big again this fall. It’s the essential collegiate look for back to school, because it’s comfy and takes just a few seconds to curate from your closet. Whether you choose to go with a classic black and white look like in the photo, or you choose layers with pops of color, it just takes two steps to look really put together with an outfit like this one – which I know will come in handy for those with early class or work schedules! If you want to dress to impress without the hassle of coordinating an entire outfit, this should be your go-to look this fall, paired with slide-on loafers or low-heeled mules.

Three Stress-Free Back To School Outfit Hacks To Help Busy Teachers Dress To Impress

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The reality is in: helping hundreds of children and young adults grow both in their studies and as people is no easy feat. It takes up hours out of the day that go beyond the classroom. Creating lesson plans and grading tests can’t be done during class time, and neither can coming in before school starts or staying later to help students get a better grasp on the material.

As with any profession, when work starts to encroach on personal time, any time saving hacks can be a saving grace. When it comes to a signature wardrobe, that’s where teachers can save time and eliminate the stress of emptying out a full closet while claiming one has nothing to wear. Just imagine a morning where you reach into your closet and pull out just a few go-to wardrobe staples that essentially become the work uniform of your choosing.

Once you have a few items that make you feel comfortable, confident and ready to tackle the day, then you can worry about accessorizing – if time allows. Below we showcase how you can turn a few neutral pieces into a week’s worth of outfits. Remember, you don’t need to break the bank on your back to school wardrobe. Go through the items already in your closet and be honest with yourself about what you reach for most often. Anything you haven’t worn in the last three months you might want to consider donating to your local Goodwill. While you’re there, take some time to browse through the racks. Maybe you’ll find an old cardigan that brightens up your outfit!

Wardrobe Staples
You can never go wrong with a classic color combination. Black and white is a go-to that is incredibly easy to match, making outfit planning extra convenient. With a few pairs of comfortable yet stylish black pants you can create a great variety of looks. Check out the outfit in the look above. A simple pair of black pants and a white collared shirt can be pulled on in just a few minutes, while making an overall put together effect

Pops Of Color
Want to add a bit of color to the basics? Consider investing in some bright colored cardigans. Maybe this pink cardigan found at a Goodwill store? There’s always a large assortment to choose from! The 3/4 sleeves make it perfect to wear in any season – including in buildings that like to blast the air conditioner.

Embellished Details
To add some extra flair to your favorite pair of pants, think of adding some embellished details. It could be a fun DIY project and you can sew or take a strong glue gun to the beads and pearls to add them on. You also might be surprised at the fun finds you’ll come across at your local Goodwill. There’s always a designer surprise in the racks and all you have to do is find it.


How To Organize Your Classroom – On A Budget

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It’s starting…

Back to school flyers are popping up in mailboxes and store advertisements are hinting at long lists of items students need for back to school. As students scramble to finish up their summer reading assignments, teachers are already handing in their final lesson plans for the year and are starting to get their classrooms organized for Fall.

Kicking off the school year with a clean and organized classroom is important and can even shape the success of the year. When students walk into an organized classroom versus a messy one, they have more respect for the room and the teacher, and they also know that they won’t be able to get away with shirking on their own responsibilities, because their teacher is on top of things. For teachers, however, creating a welcoming yet expectation-heavy classroom is no easy task. And many schools don’t have a budget for these types of organizational materials, so teachers end up paying out of their own pockets.

Fortunately, not all organizational hacks need to break the bank. Especially when you shop at Goodwill, where you’ll find a mix of well-loved and brand-new items that come with affordable price tags. When a lot of people think of Goodwill, the first thing they think of is second-hand clothes. But, most Goodwill stores have departments that go beyond the expected clothing and shoe racks. Think books, home goods, wall art, kitchen appliances and more. It’s in this home section that teachers will be able to find the items they need for some creative classroom organization.


Check out the ideas below for more inspiration!


Mason Jar Art Supply Holders
Whether you have an excess of pens and pencils for your desk, or markers and crayons for your students, mason jars are an inexpensive and easy-to-find organizational tool that will make your classroom look organized in just a few minutes. To take it one step further, label each jar with what you want it to hold and that way both you and your students will know where to put everything back after they are done using it.


Repurposed Dish Racks
There are some really cool looking dish racks out there these days – so much so that you won’t even be able to tell what it used to be. Dish racks can come in handy for organizing notebooks, papers, stickers, folders and more. These are pretty easy to come by and far from expensive!


Woven Baskets + Toys
If you teach younger children, (or have a few of your own) you know how quickly toys can get strewn across the floor and into a mess. Goodwill’s home section not only sells toys for low prices – just give them a run in the washing machine and they’ll be good as new – but also woven baskets which are perfect for organizing them when playtime is over. I’ve seen baskets in a variety of sizes, some are perfect for toys and stuffed animals and others look like they would be great to hold blankets or pillows for storytime.


Back to School Shopping Tips

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Look to these tips to make back to school season easy!

  1. Why buy new when you could thrift? Thrifting not only saves you money, but it helps the environment, too! Show your kids the meaning of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle.’
  2. Don’t wait until the last minute.The best way to get exactly what you’re looking for is to visit your favorite thrift store multiple times. 1,000’s of items are put on the floor at each Goodwill daily, so what you don’t find today, might be there tomorrow!
  3. Deals. Make sure you are also always on the lookout for special deals as well. Always check to see what tag color is on sale for that day and if you have the right color tag you could save 50% off the price of that item.
  4. Look in every section. It’s always important to make sure you look in every section, because you never know what you are going to find.
  5. Try everything on: Even if you’re afraid it could never possibly fit you, or you know for sure it will, it’s still so important that you try it on rather than chance it. You never know for sure what something is going to look like on you, and you may even have an amazing idea of what you could pair the item with, and be able to look for it during your Goodwill trip.

Mission Moment: Patrick Hughes

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Heather Nash and Bernie Filipski attended the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities Provider Appreciation Luncheon on Friday, June 14, 2019.


The guest speaker was Patrick Henry Hughes who overcame being born without eyes and the ability to fully straighten his arms and legs to excel as a musician, student, performer, and public speaker. He is also the author of “I AM POTENTIAL” which has has been turned into a feature-length film by the same name.

Heather and Bernie were truly inspired by his amazing story which is detailed in the following link:

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