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Success Stories

Mission Moment: Meet Roberta

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Being retired for over 30 years, the last thing Roberta thought she would be doing was to become a participant with Goodwill’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP).  Roberta learned about the program when she attended a presentation at her housing facility.  Roberta entered the program and was placed into a position at the Great Lakes Community Action Program, where she became a passenger care attendant.  She then was promoted to the Resident Services Coordinator.  She has dramatically improved her computer skills, become proficient with general office work, and helps develop programs for residents.  Staff and residents alike are extremely fond of Roberta and she enjoys her job.  Great work Roberta, Goodwill is extremely proud of you!

Mission Moment: Meet Terry

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Terry came to Goodwill from Toledo V.O.A. and successfully entered the Goodwill Industries of NW Ohio, Inc. transitional reentry program. In addition to his reentry barrier, Terry suffered from medical complications as a result of his stroke. Goodwill assisted Terry with wrap-around services, job development and job placement services. Terry has made a full recovery and is now working full time. Terry stated, “I wouldn’t have been able to get here without the help of Goodwill”. Congratulations Terry!

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Mission Moment: Defiance Job Connection Center Collaboration

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Goodwill Defiance JCC Navigator Amy Bach collaborated with the Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission (NOCAC) Getting Ahead Program to help women in the Defiance area overcome life barriers and gain independence.  Getting Ahead students participated in classes that consisted of learning how to handle relationships, the adult, parent, and child voice.  Amy assisted the participants with setting goals, career exploration and resume development.  Amy was honored to speak at the graduation ceremony on behalf of all six participants on December 12.  Congratulations to these remarkable women and Goodwill looks forward to seeing the amazing things you will accomplish!

Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission (NOCAC) Getting Ahead Program graduates
Job Connection Center Navigator, Amy Bach

Mission Moment: Meet Christie

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Meet Christie! Christie has been a client at the Job Connection Center (JCC) since 2019. Since then, she has made many strides. When Christie first came to us, she was at Ohio Link and using the JCC computer lab for her online college classes. She is now enrolled in our Northwest Ohio Manufacturing Alliance program (NOMA), working two part-time jobs, and has a place of her own. Congratulations, Christie, on the progress you have made!

For more information on how Goodwill’s Job Connection Center and other programs can help you:

Mission Moment

Mission Moment: Meet Stephanie

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Stephanie came to us after recently released from incarceration. Since her release, Stephanie was able to hit the ground running. She was eager to gain employment when she first came to Goodwill and with Goodwill’s help was able to obtain employment quickly. Goodwill Industries was able to assist her with some quality work shoes, per her request. Stephanie continues to maintain employment since shortly after her release and is thankful to Goodwill for the support. Keep up the good work Stephanie, Goodwill is extremely proud of you!

Mission Moment: Meet Bryona

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Bryona has been working with Goodwill since June of 2023. The process was slow moving at first due to unforeseen circumstances but through it all, Bryona maintained that she wanted to keep working toward her goals. She states, “I am proud of myself for sticking with my job search even when it’s been hard.” At the start of her journey, she was unsure of herself and her abilities. After completing job seeking skills training with her Job Developer, she is coordinating interviews, maintaining a consistent meeting schedule, and scheduling her TARPS rides independently – all things she hadn’t done previously.  She expressed that she’s gained a lot of skills since working with Goodwill and “it’s a lot better than doing it on my own.” We are proud of you, Bryona!

Mission Moment: Meet Sammie

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Sam came to Goodwill looking for help with finding a better paying job to help him provide for his six children and had several barriers including reinstatement fees preventing him from accomplishing that goal. Reentry Navigator Christopher Fincher started working with Sam right away knocking down barriers and was able to help Sam find gainful employment.  Sam now credits Goodwill for helping him provide for his family and looks forward to when he can give back to the community for support he received.  Congrats to both Sam and Christopher on job well done!

Mission Moment: Meet Terrell

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Congratulations, Terrell, on your steadfast tenacity in accomplishing the task. Terrell first learned about Goodwill from Ohio Link, where he was a resident as a returning citizen. He was on the path to reentering to society from incarceration. The process was not easy.  He knew that he had many barriers that needed to be resolved in order to seek employment, which is why he initially came to Goodwill.

The initial thing that Terrell did was to connect with the Stay the Course Program. This program assisted him with paying his reinstatement fees in order to obtain his driver’s license. While he was getting that barrier removed, Terrell became familiar with the other programs that Goodwill’s Mission Services Department had to offer. The Stay the Course team introduced Terrell to Tisha Carroll, program manager of the Career Path program, where he was able to get his birth certificate and social security card and received referrals outside agencies to obtain housing and other wrap around services. Terrell then learned that Goodwill had a connection to the building trades (through the I75 Project), where he could pursue his main employment goal of skilled trade construction labor.

Terrell obtained his driver’s license and received training, through Goodwill’s collaboration with the Carpenter’s Union training facility in Rossford, Ohio.  The training led to his employment at Spieker Construction, working on the Goodwill Warehouse construction project.  Once he obtained the job at Spieker, Goodwill assisted Terrell with getting his work clothing, work boots and tools.  This reflects a full circle event. Furthermore, transportation was a barrier to going to different construction sites, so Terrell applied to the Tool Belt/Good Rides program for a vehicle to get him back and forth to work. This removed a barrier and allows Terrell to accept jobs around Northwest Ohio. Once again, great job, Terrell.  Well done.

Mission Moment: Meet Andrew

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Andrew came to us from Ohio Link and has been working with us since May of 2021. As a result, he was able to obtain meaningful employment, however upon his release from the halfway house he faced new barriers when it came to getting his driver’s license.

With assistance from Goodwill and Andrew’s continued patience he was able to obtain his driver’s license. Now, Andrew is enrolling in the carpentry program! Great job Andrew!!

Mission Moment: Meet Tracy

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Tracy first entered Goodwill’s services in Summer of 2021, during which he successfully participated in the Summer Youth Program. For both his junior and senior year, Tracy participated in Toledo Public School’s job training program. His most recent experience was working at St. Vincent’s hospital, where he worked in the dish room, completed housekeeping tasks, and fulfilled food orders for hospital staff. His teachers have noted that Tracy is a hard worker that has been observed to go above and beyond the assignment.

Recently, Tracy reentered Goodwill services, this time with the goal of non-permanent job development- which is a placement based on his status as a student. Tracy attained a job at McDonalds in the Southland shopping center. Tracy is doing fantastic in his new role. He has been trained in many areas- including preparing fries, cooking on the grill, and cleaning the restaurant. He is known to be a great teammate and his boss Ruby speaks very highly of him.

Impressively, Tracy continued his responsibilities as a student worker at St. Vincent’s, while also working at McDonalds after school. In May Tracy graduated from Bowsher High School in Toledo.

Good job and congratulations, Tracy!