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Mission Moment: Jordan

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Jordan participated in Goodwill’s five week summer youth work experience program in partnership with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities.  He worked at our Reynolds Road Goodwill store and learned the importance of punctuality, following directions, and thoroughness in completing his job duties.   This opportunity also gave him meaningful work experience to include on his resume and transferable job skills to use in the future. His dedication and hard work was noticed by management which lead to him being hired permanently at the same store.  Jordan was excited to become a Goodwill employee, and he enjoys working with his co-workers very much. Congratulations, Jordan, and keep up the hard work!

Mission Moment: Meet Trinity

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Trinity is a single mom who came to Goodwill seeking assistance with finding employment. After working with our Job Connection Center staff, she was hired at Dale-Riggs Funeral Home in August where she is working in an administrative capacity. Specifically, she helps in the main office and with arrangements for the funeral services.  She is very excited about this new opportunity and is looking forward to learning more about the business and growing within the organization. Congratulations and good luck, Trinity!

Meet Robert

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Robert McIntosh walked into the Job Connection Center on October 30, 2019 determined to change his future. He had heard from a family friend, that there was a company looking to hire for call center work and thought it would be worth a shot to check it out. According to Robert, he was “desperately looking for a job.”

Robert completed an online application with Credit Adjustment Inc. (CAI, Inc.) that day and registered to participate in the Job Readiness Program in November. Upon completing the three day, 16 hour training, Robert was scheduled for an interview with CAI, Inc. later in the week.

Robert says, “I haven’t interviewed for a real job in 10 years and the job readiness course helped me to ask the right questions at the right time.” We are happy to report that Robert is joining the company effective the first week of January 2020. He goes on to say, “I didn’t think I was going to get a job so fast, because I had been out of the office setting for 10 years.”

Thanks to his new job, Robert says, “Now I will be able to buy clothes and go on trips like I used to do. And I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to afford it, because I have a JOB!!! My first major investment will be to purchase a good used car.”

Brittany went through Goodwill's job training services.

Mission Moment: Brittany

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Brittany went through Goodwill's job training services.

Brittany went through Goodwill’s job training services.


Brittany worked with Heather, Program Manager, and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities to reach her main goal which was to obtain community employment. Brittany was very dedicated to her job search.  She would look and apply for jobs on her own when she was not meeting with her job developer.  After completing and returning several application and attending several interviews she attended an interview at JCPenney.  She accepted the position and started in October 2019 performing recovery duties.  During her work shift, Brittany is assigned to a specific department/ area to organize the area during a four or five hour shift.  She folds, organize, and answers customer questions as part of her job duties. If items do not belong in that department rather that may be clearance or women’s she returns it to the proper department. Brittany enjoys her job and wants to continue to learn new tasks. In the last 2 weeks, Brittany has learned how to check store inventory by using a cash register, assisting customers with completing online ordering in store, answer phones, and even assisting cashiers with bagging customer clothes.   She indicates that “Goodwill went above and beyond, stuck with her through the whole process and feels like she has received great support. ”  She also indicates that “Goodwill staff let me be the person I want to be and Goodwill staff was very professional and allowed me to do my job instead of doing it for me.”

Trainer- “Brittany is so pleasant with customers, picked up on tasks quick, sweet lady, eager to learn, and enjoyed working with her.”

Meet Keith

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Keith has been a familiar face at Goodwill Industries for the last five years. In 2013, he started working with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) and selected Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio as his vendor to receive vocational services through the Workforce Development program. The first step for Keith was to complete a Community Based Assessment. After he completed the assessment, he started to work with a professional job developer to learn Job Seeking Skills Training and Job Development. In July of 2014, he attended an interview with the CEO of Goodwill and was hired at Goodwill as a part-time building janitor. Since then, Keith has increased his hours and at times works full-time as needed. Keith indicates that “he likes the Goodwill staff and the experience of working at Goodwill Industries Northwest Ohio”. When speaking with his supervisor, he states that Keith is “joyful, courteous, and does his job quietly with no complaints is always willing to help out in the Contracts Division and work various contracts including festivals.” Congratulations to Keith for celebrating 5 years of employment with Goodwill!

Meet Leslie

Meet Leslie

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Leslie Lucas is employed at the Goodwill Reynolds Rd. in-store Donation Station. Lucas, as he likes to be called, started his position as a Donation Station Attendant on December 22. He says that he really enjoys the position as it allows him to get out of his apartment, be with good people (which he really enjoys) and earn some money.

Lucas is trying to save money to move out of his present apartment building into something nicer with better surroundings. His supervisor, Harry, says he has never had anyone pick up on the job as quickly as Lucas did.

Keep up the great work, Lucas.

Photo of Chad Reynolds

Meet Chad 

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Chad Reynolds joined the Goodwill Building The Future Program in April, 2017. Later that month, he was hired by Goodwill in the Contracts Department to do maintenance. According to his supervisor, Chad “shows great overall knowledge in the maintenance field. He works well independently and requires minimum supervision.”

Chad has proven to be a reliable and efficient employee. He is truly a positive addition to the Goodwill family.

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