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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)
Cultural Competency Plan


Cultural Competency and Diversity Statement and Overview:

Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio is committed to building dignity and enhancing quality of life for individuals and families throughout Northwest Ohio through the Power of Work by eliminating barriers and providing opportunities. Goodwill achieves this mission by interacting with the respective communities to which it serves. Each community, and our community as a whole, is comprised of diverse people from a variety of backgrounds.

In order that we better our services, Goodwill finds it very important to pay attention and recognize individuals within the community by respecting and acknowledging what makes us all different and unique. Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio has a plan which addresses the cultural competency and diversity of the persons who Goodwill serves, the persons who are Goodwill employees and affiliates, and all other persons who have a stake in Goodwill and what Goodwill does (e.g., Board of Trustees, Donors, Customer, and the community as a whole).

Goodwill addresses persons of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual belief, socioeconomic status, language, diverse groups such as veterans, persons involved in public safety, and (dis)ability. This plan design demonstrates the understanding and care Goodwill places on all individuals regardless of where they are in life. Goodwill also reserves the right to continue to understand these individuals while knowing that not every individual in the community will respond positively to Goodwill’s understanding.

Goodwill respects and embraces the variety of cultures of which it is privileged to be a part of.  Our vision of transforming lives through the Power of Work, one person at a time, is realized through Goodwill exacting its Cultural Competency, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan.

Goodwill seeks to improve the quality of life for all staff, persons served, families, and organizations that encounter our agency.  We expect to achieve our goal by educating and training our staff members on the dynamics of our growing and culturally diverse community.  Through this commitment, we will enhance our awareness, compassion, and ability to interact with others who are different from ourselves with dignity, respect, patience, and understanding.

Embracing diversity in the workplace makes for better creativity, acceptance, tolerance, and innovation. It is also broadens the range of knowledge, skills, and abilities of our staff members.  Better program decisions can be made based on culturally diverse perspectives.  As an agency, our focus on cultural competency and diversity will enable us to improve our ability to provide culturally sensitive services to the individuals we serve.


Publicize commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion;

Demonstrate policy that ensures zero tolerance towards negative actions and behaviors directed
towards unique groups throughout workplace;

Provide an accessible workplace for those with special needs/requests and provide reasonable

Provide communication systems that offer Team Members an opportunity to report acts of
harassment and discrimination;

Enhance cultural competency and improve the employee training and knowledge base content;

Participate in events, forums, and community partnerships to further explore Diversity and
Inclusion strategies as they pertain to mission programming;

Implement work/life balance work schedules;

Based on demographic data, develop mission programs to ensure inclusive services;

Annually review documents specific to unique populations;

Board development and awareness of DEI within the Board of Directors;

Address the topic of socio-economic community concerns;

Promote the organization’s Strategic Plan and Outcomes;

Create DEI Strategic Plan;

On-going educational communication on DEI topics for Team Members;

Devote resources to train and education leaders on DEI subject matter;

Continue to blend in mission services as a benefit to enhance Team Members’ work experience;

Continue to maintain a workforce reflective of Goodwill clientele;

Conduct assessment of staff and use data results for development of training.

Reviewed 2018
Updated 2019
Updated 2020
Updated August, 2020 – Add in Measurable