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Employee Handbook

The handbook reflects a general description of the policies, procedures, and services and benefits applicable to Goodwill employees.


Employee Safety Manual

The Employee Safety Manual has been prepared as an up-to-date compilation of policies, procedures, and recommended safety practices for Goodwill operations.


Consumer Handbook

Goodwill fosters an environment of inclusion and support through its programs, coaches and mission services.


2018 Comparative Chart


Annual Disclosure Plan Year End 2018


GW NWO Inc. 403(b) Plan (2019 AnnualQDIA notice)


Employee Store Charge Policy

Procedures for approval of employee store charges.


Pre-Employment Background Check

Offers of employment are contingent based on the completion of various background checks.


Reasonable Accommodation

Our reasonable accommodation responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Record Retention and Destruction Policy

Our policy is to retain records as required by law, funding sources, or prudence, and to destroy them when appropriate.


Time Reporting Policy

Time reporting requirements for all employees of Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio.


Travel Reimbursement

Procedures for authorizing travel and reimbursement of expenses for employees attending official Goodwill business.


Vehicle Management Policy

Policy ensuring the safety of individuals who drive company vehicles.


Download the Whistleblower Policy

You cannot be punished if you report a legal or ethical wrongdoing.


Health Insurance Plan Options

This is a summary. Please refer to the Plan Summary Booklet for specific coverage.


Dental Benefits Summary

Important Information about Guardian's DentalGuard Indemnity and DentalGuard Preferred PPO plans.


Vision Benefits Summary

This policy provides vision care limited benefits health insurance only.


Benefits Contributions Summary

Benefits Contributions for Support Service.


Beneficiary Delegation Form

Indicate your primary and contingent life insurance beneficiaries


Code of Ethics

Ensuring that integrity and honesty guide Goodwill and its agents in all conduct and business practices.


Employee Greivance Form

Goodwill employee grievance filling form with detailed account of occurrence.


The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (iAQ) has a direct impact on the health, comfort, wellbeing, and productivity of employees.

Protect Yourself from the Effects of Noise Exposure

It is important to be aware of the noise levels that can cause hearing loss, and to take steps to avoid or reduce the risk.

Case Study: Why You Need to Wear Ear Protection

A real-life story illustrating how quickly severe ear damage can occur, as well as the importance of protecting your hearing.

It’s never too late to enroll.

Employees working an average of twenty hours per week can enroll in the Goodwill-sponsored 403(b) retirement plan at any time.

If you have any questions or would like to enroll, please contact the Human Resources department at 419-255-0070, extension 3007.