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Goodwill Industries Foundation of Northwest Ohio

Newly trained carpenter

While our community has significant demand for career readiness and placement services, the Goodwill Foundation will support efforts to meet those needs.

Created in 2022, the Goodwill Foundation supports Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio’s charitable mission and establishes and enhances mission programs.

Today’s significant employment gap produces jobs demanding more skills, training, and technical ability. Many unemployed and underemployed individuals lack those necessities, hindering their potential for success.

A nonprofit organization, the Goodwill Industries Foundation of Northwest Ohio invests in education, training, and job-placement initiatives that help strengthen our communities. Formed with $2,261,000 in startup funding from Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio, the Foundation broadens the organization’s capacity to help individuals achieve lifelong prosperity.


Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio creates the Code of Regulations for the Goodwill Foundation.

Goodwill Industries Foundation of Northwest Ohio’s board meets for the first time.

The Foundation receives its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

Foundation Board Officers

Jan Wasilausky

Jan Wasilausky


Bill Life

Bill Life


Matt Fortunak

Matt Fortunak