Trish came to Goodwill in July, 2017 through the Building the Future program (BTF). BTF is designed to help re-entry citizens successfully integrate back into society. Trish’s first assignment was to work on an envelope sorting project where she quickly distinguished herself and became project manager. As such, she managed 15-17 youth program participants and kept them on task.

Trish did such a fantastic job with the project that she was quickly promoted to a new position within Goodwill, Janitorial Crew Leader. Currently, she is the Crew Leader for the District Headquarters contract.

She takes the lead and responsibility of transporting and supervising six crew members to and from the facility. Additionally she has taken on other responsibilities such as leading the crew for the newly awarded TARTA contract.

“I thought I was coming to Goodwill to simply have a job and to help get my life on track”, said Trish. “Little did I know it would shape my life and give me purpose I didn’t think possible. It was the first time that I set a goal for myself and accomplished it. I did it!”

Trish plans on advancing further within Goodwill and someday hopes to become the Director of Contracts. She further states, “I see Goodwill as this place that really helps people no one thinks about. People that come out of prison, people with disabilities, or people that just need a chance. I love to help people, and Goodwill is a place that has given me the opportunity to help others and I’m grateful for that.”

Congratulations Trish, and thank you for Believing in the Power of Work!

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