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Brittany went through Goodwill's job training services.

Brittany went through Goodwill’s job training services.


Brittany worked with Heather, Program Manager, and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities to reach her main goal which was to obtain community employment. Brittany was very dedicated to her job search.  She would look and apply for jobs on her own when she was not meeting with her job developer.  After completing and returning several application and attending several interviews she attended an interview at JCPenney.  She accepted the position and started in October 2019 performing recovery duties.  During her work shift, Brittany is assigned to a specific department/ area to organize the area during a four or five hour shift.  She folds, organize, and answers customer questions as part of her job duties. If items do not belong in that department rather that may be clearance or women’s she returns it to the proper department. Brittany enjoys her job and wants to continue to learn new tasks. In the last 2 weeks, Brittany has learned how to check store inventory by using a cash register, assisting customers with completing online ordering in store, answer phones, and even assisting cashiers with bagging customer clothes.   She indicates that “Goodwill went above and beyond, stuck with her through the whole process and feels like she has received great support. ”  She also indicates that “Goodwill staff let me be the person I want to be and Goodwill staff was very professional and allowed me to do my job instead of doing it for me.”

Trainer- “Brittany is so pleasant with customers, picked up on tasks quick, sweet lady, eager to learn, and enjoyed working with her.”