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Tracy first entered Goodwill’s services in Summer of 2021, during which he successfully participated in the Summer Youth Program. For both his junior and senior year, Tracy participated in Toledo Public School’s job training program. His most recent experience was working at St. Vincent’s hospital, where he worked in the dish room, completed housekeeping tasks, and fulfilled food orders for hospital staff. His teachers have noted that Tracy is a hard worker that has been observed to go above and beyond the assignment.

Recently, Tracy reentered Goodwill services, this time with the goal of non-permanent job development- which is a placement based on his status as a student. Tracy attained a job at McDonalds in the Southland shopping center. Tracy is doing fantastic in his new role. He has been trained in many areas- including preparing fries, cooking on the grill, and cleaning the restaurant. He is known to be a great teammate and his boss Ruby speaks very highly of him.

Impressively, Tracy continued his responsibilities as a student worker at St. Vincent’s, while also working at McDonalds after school. In May Tracy graduated from Bowsher High School in Toledo.

Good job and congratulations, Tracy!