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Photo of Founder Reverend Helms

Our Values


We commit to demonstrating honest, transparent, and strong moral principles when serving our team members, clients, partners, and supporters.


We live and breathe our mission, and embrace it in all that we do. We are committed to helping our community succeed through the Power Of Work.


While our mission requires an intense focus, we believe it is important to not take ourselves too seriously. We are devoted to creating a light hearted, enjoyable environment.

Serving Others

There is no greater calling than to be in service of your fellow beings. We will empower individuals to achieve their goals and dreams by removing barriers and creating opportunities.


We embrace the culture of respect and value for current and future Team Members, clients, partners, and supporters.

Not charity, but a chance. Work greatly enhances the morale of those who help themselves and others by their labor in our industries.

Rev. Edgar J. Helms, Founder of Goodwill Industries, 1936