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Reentry Services

Building the Future

Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio is dedicated to providing effective, comprehensive employment services to men and women with criminal convictions. Our Reentry Services provide structure and supervision to returning citizens to foster the confidence and skill building necessary for a successful transition to a stable, productive life.

Reconnecting with the labor force can be especially challenging for someone with a criminal background. Our program provides a roadmap for individuals with criminal histories who are looking to rejoin the workforce while maintaining their freedom.

Services available through our “Building the Future” program include:

  • Job readiness education
  • Job search support
  • Interview coaching
  • Resumé development
  • Help in identifying other community resources available to assist with a successful return to the community

Building for the Future is funded by the Department of Labor.

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Our Reentry Services provide structure and supervision to returning citizens to foster confidence and skill building.