Workforce Development

Job seekers come to Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio to take advantage of a powerful array of services designed for one purpose: getting back to work.
Breaking Down Barriers

Opening doors for people in Northwest Ohio

Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio provides quality vocational services to people with barriers to employment. That’s our mission—to assist people with barriers to employment achieve independence.

Our Workforce Development services are designed to give people the life skills and job training they need—to reach their goals and make meaningful changes in their lives.

Workforce Development services focus on four major areas:

  • Vocational and work evaluations
  • Jobs skill training
  • Job development and placement services
  • Rehabilitation Technologies

The Workforce Development team at Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio consists of job placement specialists, certified vocational evaluators, vocational instructors, assistive technology experts, and job coaches.

Vocational Evaluation

Our experts help individuals discover what kind of work they want to do—and help identify what type of work they can do—so they can reach their full potential. Comprehensive vocational evaluations can take a single day or up to three weeks, depending on the assessment tests administered.

Assistive Technology

Our assistive technologists design or alter workspace equipment to remove physical barriers in the workplace. Whether it’s adapting furniture to accommodate an individual’s needs, or enhancing computers to make software more accessible, we help people overcome obstacles to work.


Our job placement team helps prepare individuals for work. Job coaches teach job-seeking skills, assist in resume writing and interview preparation, and oversee job development. These unsung heroes serve as on-the-job trainers, as well as advocates and liaisons between our clients and employers.


individuals served throughout Northwest Ohio


returning citizens helped through Building The Future


employees placed through contracts

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