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December 2023

Mission Moment: Meet Stephanie

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Stephanie came to us after recently released from incarceration. Since her release, Stephanie was able to hit the ground running. She was eager to gain employment when she first came to Goodwill and with Goodwill’s help was able to obtain employment quickly. Goodwill Industries was able to assist her with some quality work shoes, per her request. Stephanie continues to maintain employment since shortly after her release and is thankful to Goodwill for the support. Keep up the good work Stephanie, Goodwill is extremely proud of you!

Mission Moment: Partnerships

By community, Mission Services, Reentry Program, Workforce Development

Meet Mr. Robert Bass, Director, Business and Program Development at Owens Community College. Mr. Bass has collaborated with Goodwill Reentry Program and clients enrolled in welding classes.  Owens provides the welding training and certification and Goodwill provides the students with work ready development services along with work boots for graduates of the program.  Mr. Bass and Goodwill Reentry Program Manager, Christopher Fincher were able to provide certification and work boots to eight program graduates.  Thank you for the partnership Mr. Bass!

Mr. Robert Bass

January is Get Organized Month, Declutter with Goodwill

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A new year is an opportunity to rethink home organization, set personal goals, and help create jobs by donating your items to Goodwill

Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. January is Get Organized (GO) Month. It is time to rethink home organization and consider ways to not only declutter your homes but benefit others in the process. When you donate to Goodwill, the revenue generated from those items sold at our Goodwill stores are used to pay for job training and placement programs that help people in our local community receive much-needed skills and ultimately jobs.

Here are some useful tips to consider when getting organized in the new year.

1) Relieve Stress: Endless clutter can often be a source of stress in your life. With so many external stressors in the world right now, negative feelings can pile up and create emotional turmoil. Getting organized could help lift a weight off your shoulders. By letting go of what you no longer use, you can gain a clear — less stressful — outlook on your home and your life.

2) Increase Productivity: Disorganization can often make you feel unmotivated and unproductive. Clutter can stunt productivity at home and at work. Clearing out what you no longer need can give you the energy to focus on what’s important. If one of your resolutions involves getting back on track, then decluttering and organizing can be a great place to start.

3) Stay Present: Even if you don’t realize it, clutter in your life can cause distractions. As you move through the new year, look each day at the things around your home that you really use. When you allow yourself some time for reflection on what you need — or don’t need — you’ll see what you can remove. Letting go of past clutter can help you stay present and set clear intentions for the future.

Once you’ve decluttered and reorganized, take the clothing and household items you no longer need to your local Goodwill so we can serve the resolutions of a new family, a budding hobbyist, or someone else in your community.

Please visit our website for specifics on what we do and don’t accept. You’ll also find your nearest donation site on our website, and you can schedule a pickup for furniture by clicking on the button at the bottom right of any page on our website.

By donating to Goodwill Industries of NW Ohio, Inc. you not only help achieve your own 2023 goals, but the revenue generated from items sold at Goodwill stores in the NW Ohio community are used to pay for job training and placement programs that give people in our local community a brighter future.

Mission Moment: Meet Bryona

By Goodwill News, Mission Services, Success Stories, Testimonials, Workforce Development

Bryona has been working with Goodwill since June of 2023. The process was slow moving at first due to unforeseen circumstances but through it all, Bryona maintained that she wanted to keep working toward her goals. She states, “I am proud of myself for sticking with my job search even when it’s been hard.” At the start of her journey, she was unsure of herself and her abilities. After completing job seeking skills training with her Job Developer, she is coordinating interviews, maintaining a consistent meeting schedule, and scheduling her TARPS rides independently – all things she hadn’t done previously.  She expressed that she’s gained a lot of skills since working with Goodwill and “it’s a lot better than doing it on my own.” We are proud of you, Bryona!